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How Can I Take UreaAide™ if I Have a Sensitive Stomach?

We had a great question come up recently where a client asked…

How can I take UreaAide™ if I have a sensitive stomach? 

Here’s what we said. 

Hi Dee thanks for reaching out. 

We see this from time to time and if you look back at the studies from the 1980’s to present, about 1 in 10  patients have some distaste or nausea associated with Urea. The good news is this rarely caused folks to stop the use of Urea. 

Here are some methods that have been tried over the years to help overcome stomach sensitivity to Urea: 

  • Try taking 1/2 doses spaced out.  If your on 15 grams twice a day you can take 7.5 grams (1/2 scoop or 1/2 packet) 4 x a day. UreaAide™ has a half life of approximately 2 hours and doses last up to 12 hours. So no problem dosing smaller amounts of UreaAide™ more frequently, as it will still work and be effective spaced out. 
  • Try diluting the UreaAide™ in a little more liquid like 6-8 oz instead of 4 oz. This may help ease the stomach sensitivity. Keep in mind many Nephrologists wouldn’t count the liquid mixed with Urea toward the overall liquid intake limit. 
  • Try different liquids or powders to mix with. As example if Gatorade powder isn’t working well, try different juices like cranberry orange or pineapple, different powder products like crystal light lemonade, mix in some stevia or one of our clients just does plain water, Unflavored UreaAide™ with a nose pinch. Here’s our recipe page to check out some options, many from our own customers. Everyone is different and it’s ok to experiment to find what works best for you. 
  • Try mixing in some baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate is easy on the stomach as it buffers the acid. Sodium bicarbonate has been used for acid indigestion for years in this way. In fact the original Urea cocktail ‘Brussels champagne recipe’ is an example of this, mixing unflavored Urea with sugar, lemon and sodium bicarbonate. 
  • Try the tablets. UreaTabs are tasteless, 1.875 gram 100% pure USP Urea in an easy swallow tablet form. 8 Tablets is equivalent to 1 scoop or 1 packet (15 grams). You may find this to be easier on your stomach as they require no added flavoring and can be taken in small doses throughout the day.

Hope that helps,

Dr. Barry 


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