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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can UreaAide™ raise the serum sodium without any salt?

A: If your doctor diagnosed you with SIADH then you are water logged. Lack of salt or sodium is not the problem. Inability for the kidney to excrete excess water is. UreaAide™ is an osmotic diuretic that will assist the kidney in ridding the body of the excess water. This will take off the dilution effect and raise the sodium level safely and effectively.

Q: I love the price of the UreaAide™ unflavored but I don’t love the taste. How could I improve the taste?

A: We strongly suggest mixing the unflavored UreaAide™ powder with 1/2-1 tbsp. of powdered Gatorade or G2. This will let you chose the flavor and add as much or as little as you wish to fit your taste.

Q: What is the usual starting dose of UreaAide™?

A: Your doctor should let you know the dose he/she would like you to take. Often the starting dose is 1 packet (or 1 scoop) twice daily.

Q: Why is UreaAide™ suggested to be mixed in only 4oz of water?

​A: Most often if you are recommended to take UreaAide™ then your doctor will want you to be on a fluid restriction. UreaAide™ was designed to taste great and dissolve completely in as little water as possible for this purpose.

Q: I have heard that if I take UreaAide™ I may be allowed to have more liquids. Is that true?

A: It may be true yes. Often patients will see great results with UreaAide™ and their doctor may advise a less strict fluid restriction. This is something you and your doctor would need to discuss.

Q: Is UreaAide™ covered by insurance?

A: This is a great question and a frustrating one as a doctor. The short answer is not usually, but worth exploring. You can call your insurance carrier and let them know your doctor has prescribed UreaAide™, a medical food for the management of SIADH/Hyponatremia. Let them know this is covered under your Medical benefit not your Pharmaceutical benefit or under DME (durable medical equipment). They will likely require a PA (prior authorization) from your doctors office or doctor. Your doctor may use the HCPCS codes B-4155 (EF/incomplete/modular) or the DME code A-9999 (DME supply or accessory, NOS) when submitting the form/documentation.

Q: Does UreaAide™ qualify as a medical expense and therefore may I use my HSA, FSA, or HRA card?

A: Happy to say absolutely YES! We can accept these forms of payment on the website directly, and if any issues arise, a simple form on our Contact page can be filled out to demonstrate the justification and sent in to your account servicer.

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