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UreaAide™ Testimonials

Just this afternoon I was having trouble placing an order for UreaAide, called in for help and spoke with Dr Stan who helped me get through the order process successfully. We had an extended conversation about my wife’s medical condition and the fact that she has been using UreaAide for a little over a year now and it has helped her tremendously. Her Nephrologist recommended the product. Thank you for having the product available and thank you for the conversation this afternoon.
Joe D.
My 103+ yr. old mother was diagnosed with hyponatremia in 2010 after a brutal fall, fractures shoulder and 26 stitches to her face. We had diligently done fluid restriction, but she has fallen twice since and fractured her spine both times.
Last year he nephrologist started her on the other Urea. It barely raised the sodium, and she was still running at 131. It was also very expensive, since Medicare does not cover ‘medicinal foods.’

Searching the internet, I found Urea Aide, which is more economical in the bulk bag, and ran the info by her nephrologist who said to try it. The ‘same dosage’ raised her sodium level to 135 -138. We continue fluid restriction and monthly testing. I pre-mix a quart of Crystal Light with 2-3 added squirts of a water enhancer. My mother prefers this to the other Urea. I hope this is helpful to anyone who is hesitating trying this.
Emilie G
I’ve had chronic hyponatremia since May 2019. I’ve tried sodium tablets, but experienced persistent nausea. Three weeks ago, I decided to try unflavored UreaAide™. My sodium and chloride levels have risen to well within the acceptable range. Very pleased!
Clara C.
I was diagnosed with hyponatremia in 2006. For the last 3 months, I have been on unflavored UreaAide™ and felt so much better and labs are great.
Judy S.
My sodium levels came back into the normal range with 15 g of urea a day.
Betty B.
Better tasting than original, easy and more convenient to use. Thank you for developing the new format.
Thomas C.
Thanks so much for this medicine, it is a miracle that we found this… 
Forest E.
It has helped my mother so much with her condition. She’s 95 yrs and holding strong. Thanks for this product!
I feel so much better and I don’t have to endure such severe fluid restrictions.
Sharon H.
Unlike the other manufacturer of a hyponatremia medical food product, Kidneyaide staff were willing to talk to me, answer my questions, and clearly were interested in helping customers get some relief. Dr. Barry is very knowledgeable and interacts with customers/patients with respect and dignity. Product is good and price is right.
Allison W.
I am writing this for my wife, Cheryl. Her sodium levels have returned to normal levels & she is now taking UreaAide™ once a day. She started twice a day…She mixes with 4 oz. of Coca Cola.
Howard P.
Product is good and fast shipping.
Lois C.
I have had very good labs taking the Unflavored UreaAide™ Urea. Thank you to R&D for developing this product. Who can afford the $250.00 a month the competitor charges?
Judy S.
Tastes pretty good with cold water!
Lawrence D.
Seems to be working.  My sodium level is actually rising and I am consuming liquids freely.
Linda F.
I am Amazed!
I feel incredibly well. I can focus and have more energy.
From a Sodium of 130 to 137 in under a week.
My sodium has not been right since my 20’s. I am extremely impressed
Thank you so much for this product
Jean H.
I wanted to update you on progress taking your product. My kidney doctor is very happy that it seems after only 2 weeks my sodium has come up. I will be ordering more product. I find the no taste one is a better option and I switch it up with a variety of the product Sparkling ICE zero to 5 calories. I love it with the Black Raspberry flavor.
Cindee S
Really appreciate your effective, more affordable product that tastes better and your fantastic personal customer service.
Alan H.
Western Australia

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