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What is the ‘Low Cost’ Urea I Keep Hearing About?

We realized we could really bring the cost down if we sold our same USP grade Urea but just left it unflavored.

Dr. Barry

Before KidneyAide there was only one company making one Urea in the entire US. We loved how well Urea worked to bring sodium levels up, but didn’t love the cost for our patients. This backdrop is the reason for our existence. Could we lower the cost and still provide a high quality product?

We were able to accomplish this goal with our UreaAide™ 15 gram premium natural mint flavored packets. We cut the cost to the consumer by 30%.

The hard part, however, is that for many that is still quite a bit of money as insurance often will not cover the cost. Given our simple mission to help lower the cost of Urea, we had to do more.
Recently we were testing some new flavors, mixing Urea with berry, chocolate and even coffee. We had some blue Gatorade powder and thought, wonder if we simply mixed Urea powder with Gatorade powder. The same kind you can buy at Walmart or Target. Well we had to admit, this tasted pretty darn good. We were impressed and realized, we could really bring the cost down if we sold our same USP grade Urea and just left it unflavored. When we asked our customers and showed them the over 60% cost savings plus they can chose any flavor they like, people were excited. UreaAide™ unflavored was born. 30 doses per bag with easy 15 gram dosing scoop. The Urea won’t clump as they are in microspheres not crystal form. The bag is aluminum Mylar, easy-open and resealable, making it durable and long lasting. UreaAide™ unflavored, just like UreaAide™ packets are made in an FDA registered, cGMP facility in the United States.

So check us out and get out of the low salt brain fog. As we like to say: “Fix your sodium simply, safely, and effectively for less with UreaAide™ unflavored Urea.”

Unflavored UreaAide™ powder Urea for SIADH low sodium Hyponatremia. Compare to Ure-Na lower cost.