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What are UreaTabs and are they truly tasteless? 

UreaTabs, Urea powder in tab format for SIADH, Hyponatremia, Low sodium

UreaTabs are 100% pure USP Urea in tablet form. They are 1.875 grams each, which means 8 tabs equals 1, 15 gram dose. UreaTabs come in bottles of 240 tablets which is the equivalent of 1lb or 30, 15 gram doses. Thirty doses is the same amount of Urea in our UreaAide unflavored 1lb bags, or 30 flavored UreaAide packets. They are easy to swallow tablets with a smooth surface. When swallowed whole, UreaTabs are truly tasteless. 

UreaTabs are easily split with a pill cutter. UreaTabs can also be crushed. When split the UreaTab is still pretty much tasteless, when crushed to powder you will notice the salty/briny taste of Urea return. The powder may be dissolved in your favorite beverage or could be combined with apple sauce. UreaTabs are portable for easy on the go dosing.  

Like all UreaAide products, UreaTabs have had and continue to undergo independent third party laboratory testing for safety, purity, and stability. UreaTabs have also undergone  enhanced testing to show dissolution in the stomach. 

Dosing is the same as our other UreaAide products. One option is a standard approach which is to start at 15 grams twice a day and titrate based on serum

sodium levels.  We often recommend having blood work done after 4 or 5 days, to gauge response. 

Another dosing strategy is weight based. Simply take your weight in pounds and divide that by 2.2 to convert to kilograms. The dose is then 0.25 to 0.5 grams per kilogram per day in 1-4 divided doses. 

Example dosing based on European best practice guidelines weight based: 

A 120 pond person would take 120 pounds and divide by 2.2 to convert to kilograms. This is 54 kilograms. You can multiply 54 by 0.25 and get 13.5 grams per day, that’s your low end dose. 54 by 0.5 is 27 grams per day, as your high end dose. In tablet form you divide your dose by 1.875 grams to get a specific number of tablets to take per day that is unique to you. In this case, that’s 7-14 tablets a day. This may be taken in divided doses throughout the day. In this example, you could take 3 tablets in the morning, 3 tablets in the afternoon, and 3 tablets in the evening to equal the 9 tablets per day dosage. As always listen to your medical provider and always take UreaAide under medical supervision. 

In closing UreaTabs are truly tasteless Urea. They come in 1.875 gram tablets which means 8 tabs equals 1 scoop, 1 packet or 15 grams Urea.  They are pure 100% Urea with no fillers or additives.  They have a smooth natural coating. UreaTabs are great for on the go or for those who have a hard tine with the taste of Urea.  

Check out our video for a demonstration by Dr Barry.

Dr. Barry Demonstrating our New smaller sized UreaTabs